Dineke Nauta

Dineke Nauta (1992, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) started playing saxophone at the age of nine and was a student in the “Young Talent” program at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. She continued studying with Arno Bornkamp at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In 2015 she completed her Bachelor studies successfully and in 2017 she received her Master’s degree. During her Master’s she took part in an exchange with the CRR de Versailles, France, receiving lessons with Vincent David.
In 2010, Dineke received a first prize in the regional final of the Dutch competition “Prinses Christina Concours” and a second prize and public award in the national finals. A year later she won first prize in the competition of the Dutch Foundation for Young Music Talent. In 2016 her participation in the ‘Andorra International Saxophone Competition’ was awarded with a sixth prize.

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